• Essential Hot Tubs SS215377403 Polara-50 Review

August 28, 2018

One of the most beloved models of hot tubs worldwide is the Essential Hot Tubs SS215377403 Polara-50! It offers a variety of great features, guaranteed to make you fall in love with it as well. Keep in mind that it is made in Pennsylvania and assembled in the USA, so once ordered, your new hot tub is going to be delivered to your doorstep in no time! On the other hand, if you are not a US citizen, you unfortunately won’t be able to order this hot tub because Essential Hot Tubs currently only ships within the US. 

Though owning a hot tub is considered to be a luxury nowadays, owning one is becoming more and more affordable! Not only will you spend your free time relaxing in your new hot tub, but you will actually get some health benefits from it as well! They are commonly used for hydrotherapy programs due to this fact, and will also help relieve pain and inflammation, reduce your blood pressure, stabilize your sleep cycle, and stimulate your blood circulation. Lots of hot tubs also feature different massage programs for your back, which makes relaxing after a day of hard work all the more enjoyable!

But enough of the small talk, what you are really here for are the Polara-50’s specifics, so get ready to find out what makes this model superior to its counterparts! 

Spacious and Comfortable for 6 People

Polara-50 Jet Hot Tub, as its name already suggests, features 50 stainless steel jets which are designed and located to optimize tension relief. This also includes rollover neck and shoulder jets, which will allow you to leave all the stress behind and enjoy a pleasant massage! It also features ergonomic seating for up to 6 people, which makes it perfect for having your friends over for dinner and a dip in the hot tub.

Outer Dimensions: 85” x 85” x 36”

Its outer dimensions are 85”x85”x36”, and it weighs 650 pounds. The inner dimensions of the hot tub are 73”x70”x34” and it can hold up to 400 gallons of water. 

Designed for Efficiency and Relaxation

Polara-50’s energy efficient motor allows you to change the speed of the jets from low to high. And its 4KW stainless steel Balboa heater will help keep you warm even in the coldest winter nights! 

As for Polara-50’s design, it is offered in two colors – grey and espresso, and both are made from acrylic. Its low maintenance wooden cabinet makes it stylish and easy to blend in anywhere you choose to place it. This model also features underwater LED lights that can be easily adjusted using the spa controller, allowing you to adjust the ambiance to your taste. 

Self-Contained and Well Insulated

Another thing to keep in mind regarding this model is that it features perimeter insulation, rather than full foam insulation. Although full foam provides great insulation, it can be quite tricky to set up and it places the hot tub’s electronics outside of the tub. The reason why perimeter foam insulation is superior to full foam is that it keeps your heater and pump inside the tub’s insulation envelope. 

With the purchase of your Polara hot tub, Essential Hot Tubs will also send you a heavy-duty insulated cover which will keep your hot tub clean when you are not using it. The cover is one inch thicker than the typical industry standard and will provide your spa with superior protection and heat retention. This model also comes with an Ozonator. 

Outstanding Value and Quality Construction

Apart from sanitation chemicals, you will get everything you need to set up your new hot tub once you complete your order. As for the maintenance this model requires, all you need to do is drain the water and use traditional chlorine or bromine to treat it. However, you may want to avoid using TriChlor because it tends to damage the tub’s acrylic shell. 

And there you have it, all of the reasons why Essential Hot Tubs Polara-50 Hot Tub makes an ideal choice for a relaxing evening with your loved ones – in one place! As you can see, not only will this hot tub allow you to enjoy your time in it, but you will enjoy numerous health benefits as well. It’s about time you take out your bathing suit and get ready to chill in your new hot tub!

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