Dream Sauna Heater - 4kW Wet and Dry with Unique Rock isolating Design for prolonged Safe steam Generation - 5 Year Warranty - Made in Canada

Dream Sauna

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Brand: Dream Sauna


  • Powerful industrial strength 4kW heating element that will easily heat up saunas up to 250 cubic feet
  • Heating elements are specifically isolated preventing water from getting on and damaging elements. This feature is only found in our heaters
  • Large stone chamber, allowing for up to 70kg of rocks which would retain and release infrared heat for a very long time
  • Heater design will allow for unparalleled heat and steam generation
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada for maximum quality and reliability. CSA certified and supported by 5 year warranty


Do you enjoy taking saunas? How often do you see signs above the heaters saying "do not pour water on the rocks"? Well, guess what, these are not our heaters.

Proper saunas require a lot of steam and heat and those who know equipt their saunas with proper heaters for long time worry-free operation, high temperatures and above all great experience.

- 4KW sauna heater for saunas up to 250 cubic feet.

- Our heaters have a unique construction compared to other bands on the market where heating elements are isolated from the rocks.

- The heater is made to fit up to 70kg of rocks which retain heat for a prolonged period of time also allowing the user to pour water on the rocks without damaging the heating elements.

- Our heaters are proudly made in Canada, sold by the manufacturer and are CSA certified.

- All our heaters come with 5-year warranty.

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