HZX PVC Waterproof Portable Steam Sauna Tent Indoor Collapsible Personal Spa Treatment and Ultra-Thin Weight Loss Three-Use Sauna Box Wireless Remote Control Fumigation Machine 2.5L 220V / 1000W


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Brand: HZX

Color: red


  • Steamer material: ABS plastic + stainless steel pot, made of five layers of waterproof cotton cover and plastic bracket
  • Can be used for steam heads, feet, legs, whole body; foot massager can help you expel toxins and fat, relax your pores and exhaust muscles for excellent treatment
  • Made of environmentally-friendly TPU, the product has a 1.5L capacity remote control, easy to operate, steam assembly blood circulation, relieve fatigue and reduce stress, detachable folding design
  • Built-in frame with simple design, 2 zippers, 1-9 temperature control, easy power and time adjustment via remote control or steamer button
  • This unique high quality portable home steam sauna is perfect for your health; it can be used in your home or apartment or in any living environment without the need for large spaces and special communications

Details: Indoor Foldable Steam Sauna Tent Specifications
Tent size: 100x80cm
Power: AC220V, 50Hz-60Hz
Weight: 6KG
Adjustable timer: 0-90 minutes
Capacity: 2.5 liters
Adjustable temperature: 1-9
Heating power: 1000W
Suitable for personal health care: losing weight, removing toxins, reducing stress and fatigue
Note: This is not a medical device and is intended for relaxation and entertainment purposes.

Package Included
1 three-purpose steam box
1 steam pot
1 steam head
1 catheter
2 connectors
1 remote control
1 x manual (please read the manual before use)

1. Convenient sauna at home or anywhere, relieve your stress and tension, let you sleep well
2. It can be used in body sauna or foot bath sauna to treat cold. These two methods can be used at the same time to clean and nourish the skin and keep the skin healthy.
3. This portable sauna spa tent is perfect for fitness enthusiasts or anyone who wants to lose weight, eliminate toxins and relieve stress and fatigue in their home.
4. Its design includes the most desirable features of the vast and gorgeous sauna. When used, it can add pure white oil and flowers, which not only bring health but also bring beauty.

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