HQCC Children's Play Pool Family Gathering Super Large Outdoor Rectangular Swimming Pool 30020075cm (Size : 26016065cm)


Brand: HQCC


  • Three-layer composite PVC mesh tape, strong bearing capacity, no fading, not easy to age
  • The support frame is sturdy and stable, and the surface is coated with painted cotton to prevent corrosion, wear and dryness.
  • Equipped with a filtered water pump to keep the water clean and change the pool water for 30 days
  • It is recommended to fill up to 80% of water
  • Spacious space for 1-8 people at the same time

Details: Material: PVC
color: blue
Size: 220*150*60cm, 260*160*65cm, 300*200*75cm
Water consumption: 1600-3800 liters
Features: foldable, thick
quantity: 1
Applicable scene: family, bathroom
Applicable age: 6 years or older
1. Please purchase according to your terrain size before purchase, carefully understand the size, the bathtub should avoid contact with hard objects to avoid damage.
3. Please use under the supervision of an adult. Do not let the baby be alone to prevent drowning.
4. Make sure the bath is placed on a flat, stable and safe surface.

EAN: 6951769827428

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