YUHAO Giant Inflatable Kiddie Pool - Family and Kids Inflatable Rectangular Pool(350x165x66cm)

Swimming pool

Brand: Swimming pool


  • Do not lean on the inflatable wall or side walls, straddle or apply pressure, otherwise injury or flooding may occur. Don't let anyone sit, climb or cross the sides of the pool. The swimming pool is prone to wear and deterioration. Properly maintain your swimming pool. Do not install the swimming pool on dirt, sand, soft soil or loose soil, decks, platforms, balconies, concrete, asphalt or any other hard surface.
  • Giant Inflatable Pool - Family and children's giant inflatable square pool, easy to inflate and easy to drain (bottom drain plug).
  • Note: Please refer to the user manual before use.
  • Big enough for the whole family, your family and friends can stay cool throughout the summer and enjoy this fun pool!

Details: Swimming and swimming safety: Environmentally friendly PVC and bisphenol A-free materials can withstand rough play, protect the inflatable pool from leaks, and ensure that the air remains stable at stable temperatures.

UPC: 881154636259

EAN: 0881154636259

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