20 Gallon Bubble Magic Washing Machine + Bubble Magic Ice Hash Extraction 8 Bags Kit

Bubble Magic

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Brand: Bubble Magic


  • 20 Gallon Bubble Machine Washing Machine
  • Bubble Magic 20 Gallon 8 Bag Extraction Bag Kit
  • Reusable and turn your trash into hash!!!
  • Made with extra strong nylon thread.
  • 220 micron, 190 micron, 160 micron, 120 micron, 90 micron, 73 micron, 45 micron and 25 micron bags

Publisher: DL Wholesale Inc.

Details: 20 Gallon Bubble Magic Machine + 8 Bags Extraction Kit

Item includes:

1 x 20 Gallon Bubble Magic Washing Machine
1 x 20 Gallon 220 Micron Bag
8 x 20 Gallon Bubble Magic Extractor Bags
1 x 25 Microns Pressing Screen

Newest Extracting Package on eBay!! This kit offers you the ability to turn trash into cash using our Bubble Magic machine and extracting the hash with our popular Bubble Magic extracting 8 bag kit!!!

Bubble Magic Washing Machine (20 Gallon):

Our 20 Gallon bubble machine is one of the most advanced on the market. With countless hours of extensive professional testing, we have developed a product to allow you to efficiently create a perfect finished product.

- Reusable
- Durable
- Quality material
- 20 gallon capacity
- Portable and convenient
- Minimal water usage
- Minimal electricity consumption
- 15 minute timer (with 3 minute increments)
- Built-in drain
- Pays for itself after one use

Bubble Magic 20 Gallon 8 Bag Extraction Kit:

These bags have a unique extra level of micron screen along the lower layer. Each set comes in it's own personal black carrying bag.


- 220 micron bag
- 190 micron bag
- 160 micron bag
- 120 micron bag
- 90 micron bag
- 73 micron bag
- 45 micron bag
- 25 micron bag

We offer a 1 YEAR WARRANTY against any manufacturers defects! Replacement parts typically will be sent out from manufacturer in the case that the product malfunctions. Item returns not accepted for this product.

UPC: 816731012225

EAN: 0816731012225

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