40KW 380V Commercial Electric Water Thermostat Heater Temperature Controller for Swimming Pool & SPA Bathe




  • - Easy to install in the circulation pipe jacuzzi tub bottom.
  • - Easy to operate, provides a mechanical thermostat switch, you can set the temperature of temperature technology.
  • - The product is safe and reliable movement with the flow switch, over-temperature protection switch.
  • - All using mechanical control devices durable economy.
  • - Heating thermostat liner material is stainless steel pipe and electric resistance, corrosion resistance (chlorine corrosion), and durable.

Publisher: NEWTRY

Details: Please tell us the Length,Width and Depth of your swimming pool so that we can recommend the most compatible one for you.
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Major performances
The thermostat heating thermostat system applies to so spa, swimming pool, jacuzzi, adjusted according to the temperature required, heating, temperature, the temperature at 20 ~ 55 ° C adjustable, can be set within 1 to 15 hours . And when the water level is lower than the original set value, the system will automatically turn off the power, and the automatic climate control, safe and reliable.
Note:the 40kw heater is fit for 40 tons of water to keep the temperature at a constant level, but if you need to heat the water, it fits for about 13 tons of water.

Technical Parameter
1.Input voltage:380V
2.Output power:40KW
4.Inlet/outlet diameter:66.67mm

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