AIMS Power 5000 Watt 48 VDC Power Inverter


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Brand: Aims


  • 5000 Watt max continuous modified sine power
  • 48 Volt Power Inverter
  • Volt meter on front panel to monitor your battery voltage
  • Amp meter on front panel to monitor your current consumption
  • AC direct connect terminal block

Publisher: AIMS Power

Release Date: 2017-10-30

Details: Modeled off the top-selling AIMS 5000 Watt Modified Sine Power Inverter, this 48 volt DC inverter shares a lot of the same features for our customers with 48V dc battery banks. A voltmeter and amp gauge on the front of the unit will read out valuable information on battery charge and load consumption. The inverter also features a direct connect terminal block for devices that require over 1500 watts. The terminal block will allow you to hardwire to utilize the full 5000 watt capacity of the inverter.

UPC: 852669372147

EAN: 0840271002217

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