Blue Wave NE3350F Aquafirst Turbo Robotic Wall Climber Cleaner with Remote Control for In-Ground Pools

Blue Wave

Brand: Blue Wave

Color: Orange/Blue


  • Cleans All Pool Surfaces from the Waterline to the Deep End
  • 3 hour clean time for up to 50 ft long pool
  • Full remote control capability for spot cleaning
  • Filters 5,000 gallons per hour
  • Front and rear scrub brushes

Publisher: Blue Wave Products

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

Details: Ultra-fast robotic cleaner with remote control for spot cleaning. Aquafirst Turbo Robotic Wall Climber Cleaner with RC is the fastest cleaning, most technologically advanced pool cleaner in its class. Just press the button and the dirt-eating dynamo provides triple function cleaning to scrub, vacuum and filter your pool. It runs on a safe, ultra-efficient 24 volts for pennies a day. The pre-programmed unit cleans your pool's floors, steps and walls in 3 hours or less. When its work is done, Aquafirst Turbo RC automatically shuts itself off. The unit comes with its own remote control handset that allows you to direct the cleaner anywhere that needs additional cleaning. The RC unit provides radius turning and precise forward and reverse movements that allow for easy direction anywhere in the pool.

UPC: 672875600793

EAN: 0672875600793