Harmsco ST/155 SuperTuf Filter Cartridge


Brand: Harmsco

Color: ST155 filter cartridges


  • Genuine Harmsco Filter Cartridge
  • Offer superior water clarity, polish and sparkle for your swimming pool water.
  • Cleanable & reusable
  • Superior media construction
  • 155 square feet of filter media per cartridge.

Publisher: Harmsco

Details: Harmsco SuperTuf Polyester-Plus cartridges offer superior water clarity, polish, and sparkle for your swimming pool water. Here's why: Polyester-Plus, a technical media exclusive to Harmsco, Inc., filters from 20 microns down to between 3-5 microns. This offers you the finest filtration available - as fine as diatomaceous earth! Corrugated construction keeps pleats separated and enhances efficiency. With more than 4000 clear channels to the center tube, for maximum flow under all conditions, the entire filtering surface is fully used. SuperTufTM surpasses the industry standard in the area of cartridge filtration! Note: NSF international Listed Harmsco Betterfilter Commercial Pool Installations Require the use of genuine Harmsco NSF listed Supertuf or Tropiclean filter cartridges to maintain the NSF approval. The use of imitation filter cartridges makes these installations out of compliance with NSF listings, and all code requirements mandate NSF certified components.

UPC: 682470329692

EAN: 0682470329692