Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System - Pool Motion Sensor - Smart Pool Alarm that is Application Controlled. Powerful Sirens Blare at Poolside and Indoors

Lifebuoy Pool Alarm

Brand: Lifebuoy Pool Alarm


  • FALL ALERT - Lifebuoy is designed to sound an alarm when a person or pet falls into water. Multiple sensors and a state of the art micro-processor are used to detect the pool area. It is a versatile, reliable alarm that can detect movement in the pool with long range RF.
  • SWIM MODE - The lifebuoy pool alarm is smart - After 10 minutes of absence of movement, the system will reactivate and in an event of a fall into the pool an alarm will go on.
  • SMARTPHONE APPLICATION CONTROLLED - Use the lifebuoy App to control and configure your lifebuoy Alarm. Using the App you can control the alarm state, change the length of the alert in case of alarm, or adjust the sensitivity of the lifebuoy pool alarm.
  • COVER ALERT - Lifebuoy is designed to alert when pool cover is removed. We are very proud with this technology, as it is the only pool alarm that can effectively be used when pool is covered.
  • REGULATED PRODUCT - CE, FCC approved and comply with ASTM

Publisher: Lifebuoy Ltd.

Warranty: Manufacturer warranty for 120 days

Details: Lifebuoy Pool Alarm

We at Lifebuoy love pools and believe that pools can and must be safer for children and toddlers.

Lifebuoy is intended to warn of falling into the pool and/or when the cover is removed. The system was tested in accordance with the ASTM F2208 Standard.

Kids and pools just go together. Sadly, unintentional drowning kills more than 400 children in the United States each year.

What makes these statistics even more disturbing is that every single one of these pool-related accidents is completely preventable.

While it's only one component of a comprehensive plan to make your pool safer, a pool alarm is a wise investment.

The alarm system warns when a child falls to water and/or opening the pool cover. After the system is activated it operates constantly. When there is an intentional entry into the water, the system can be deactivated using the home unit or the floating unit. After leaving the water, when the system identifies calm water (10 minutes later) the system is automatically reactivated.

Compatible with every type of pools up to 20'x40' (6mx12m): in ground, above ground, covered, uncovered, spa and garden ponds.

APP Controlled from your Smartphone or Tablet

The Floating unit contains:
1. Alarm for warning and for indication
2. transmitter and receiver processor for communications with the control unit
3. Miniature sensors used to identify activity in the pool, such as a fall into the water or opening of the cover
A transparent cone is connected to the floating unit for stabilizing the system

The control unit contains:
1. Alarm for warning and status indication
2. Transmitter and receiver processor for communicating with the floating unit
3. Broadcasting and receiving processor for communication with the APP
4. 9V Battery required (Not Included)

EAN: 7297110134005