MRT SUPPLY Aquatronix Autonomous Cordless Battery Pool Cleaning Robot Vacuum with Ebook


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Color: Blue


  • Robotic pool cleaning robot roves around the bottom of any flat-bottom pool up to 484 square feet to for a sparkling clean - Completely cordless robot includes a battery and charger and boasts a 90 minute cleaning cycle on full charge - Retrieval kit with floating pull rope lets you avoid diving to the bottom of your pool to retrieve the robot
  • Collects up to 4.5 liters of debris in its debris compartment - Uses a directional jet system with a 710 gallon per hour flow rate and underside agitators to suck up debris and particles - Sports LED lights so you can find the robot again at night - Autonomously cleans with simple, single on/off switch control
  • Activates once fully submerged and deactivates with insufficient water levels thanks to its built-in water sensors - No-slip wheels and an adjustable wheel axle keeps the robot moving - Requires between 5 to 6 hours to achieve full charge
  • Specifications: Maximum pool size: 484 square feet - Flow rate: 710 gallons per hour - Speed: 32.8 feet per hour - Maximum run time: 9 hours - Filter type: Stainless steel filter mesh - Debris capacity: 4.5 liters - Battery type: Rechargeable lithium ion - Color: Blue
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Details: Let someone else take care of cleaning your pool. Get your very own Aquatronix Autonomous Pool Cleaning Robot so you can kick back and relax while it does the dirty work. This little roving robot can autonomously clean any above-ground or in-ground flat-bottom pool up to 484 square feet in size. This little guy works on battery power (so no more annoying cords) and includes a battery charger. The robotic pool cleaner can collect up to 4.5 liters of debris using its 710 gallon per hour directional jet system. Easily retrieve the robot without needing to dive to the bottom of your pool when its cleaning cycle is done with the included retrieval kit. While you're suntanning, your helpful Aquatronix Autonomous Pool Cleaning Robot will be cleaning away so your pool will be nice and clean for your next swim.

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