Rx Clear 22" Patriot Sand Filter System For Above Ground Swimming Pools | 1 HP Niagara Pump | For Pools Up To 22,000 Gallons

Rx Clear

Brand: Rx Clear


  • CLEAN AND SAFE WATER: This filter is designed to handle the filtration needs of many of today's pools. It provides an efficient, easy-to-use operating system that will assist in keeping your above-ground pool water crystal clean and safe for swimming.
  • WILL IT FIT MY POOL?: This filtration system is perfect for Intex/Pop-up style Above Ground swimming pools up to 22,000 gallons This system will for rounds pools up to 28' and oval pools up to 21' x 41'.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Includes a 6-way Deluxe valve which provides simple control of water flow. It comes with 1.5 inch threaded connections, a filter base and user's manual.
  • FILTER MEDIA OPTIONS AVAILABLE: For optimal performance, this 22" unit requires the following media amounts: 4 Boxes RX Clear Luster Filter Media, 100 lbs.of Zeo-Clear Filter Media or 200 lbs of traditional Grade 20 Silica Sand
  • DURABLE: The core of these systems is the one-piece blow-molded tank. The interior consists of the stand pipe and laterals. This filter tank and pump come with a 1-Year limited warranty against manufacturer's defects. Filter media and hoses are sold separately.

Publisher: Rx Clear


This filtration system is perfect for Above Ground swimming pools (Rounds up to 28’, Ovals up to 21’x41’) up to 22,000 gallons. The 1 HP Niagara Pump & Filter are designed to work in conjunction to streamline performance. 4-way push pull valve provides simple control of water flow.

*This filter tank is only intended to be used with Rx Clear™ brand pumps ONLY*


  • Top mount
  • 4-position multi-port valve
  • Filter base

Alternative Filter Media Options:

No longer is the traditional 300 lbs of grade 20 silica sand the only option for your pool filtration system. The alternatives not only work more efficiently in keeping your water safe to swim, but they will also provide you savings over time. Here are two options that would work as an alternative:

  • RX Clear™ Luster Filter Media: Reusable, eco-friendly, non-toxic and made from 100% polyethylene, these tiny balls will last several swimming seasons. They will amazingly filter particles down to 10 microns. Lightweight and easy-to-handle, the balls have a high-dirt capacity and will not clog. *1 Bag of Luster equals 50 lbs of Sand*


  • Zeo-Clear filters particles down to 3 microns versus traditional sand's 30-40 microns. Its unique silica formula needs only half the amount of material compared to sand, yet its filtering capabilities approach that of diatomaceous earth (D.E.) while costing far less. Zeo-Clear absorbs and eliminates water contaminants, ammonia and odor caused by algae, bacteria fungus, mold, and mildew. *50 lbs of Zeo-Clear equals 100 lbs of sand*

Filter Media Requirements:

  • RX Clear™ Luster Filter Media - 4 Boxes
  • Zeo-Clear Filter Media - 100 lbs
  • Traditional Sand - 200 lbs

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