Stingray Inground Above Ground Swimming Pool Automatic Cleaner w/33' Vacuum Hose


Brand: Unknown



  • Vacuum inground pools regardless of size, shape, or construction
  • No tools required..No need for electricity run with your pool pump is turn on
  • Attaches to your existing filtration system or Skimmer..Included an Automatic Regulator Valve.
  • Includes 33' of vacuum hose (10section each is about 1M)
  • Ideal for pools up to 16' x 34' require at least a 3/4 hp swimming pool pump or 1600ghp to function properly

Publisher: na

Details: Deluxe Inground / above Pool Cleaner, Floor Wall climbing cleaner The Deluxe Inground Pool Cleaner has the power to clean your inground pool efficiently and at very little cost to you. The Deluxe Inground Pool Cleaner can clean your inground pool from top to bottom automatically. Uses enough suction power to pick up everything from dirt and bugs to pebbles and twigs. Allow you to spend more time swimming in your pool instead of having to clean it. Operates with only one moving part. There are no wheels to jam, no gears to break and no diaphragms to replace. Its smart design lets you open it in seconds for easy maintenance. The Deluxe Inground Pool Cleaner comes with 33 feet of hose An Automatic Regulator Valve included for pools with one skimmer. This can Balance the water flow between the skimmer and the cleaner. It is recommend the use for maximum safety and performance. The valve automatically adjusts to changes in the amount of water flow to provide the cleaner with the power necessary to ensure proper cleaning performance. 3 Hose Weights Rings are included. attaching hose weight rings to the hose to neutralize the hose's buoyancy in the water.

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