Wilbar Meadows Reprieve 12-Foot Round Above-Ground Swimming Pool | 52-Inch Height | Resin Protected Steel-Sided Walls | Bundle with Bedrock Pattern 25 Gauge Overlap Liner and Widemouth Skimmer

Wilbar International

Brand: Wilbar International

Color: Meadows Reprieve


  • 52 in. tall corrugated steel wall
  • 6 in. steel top rails with Krystal Kote protection
  • 5 in. steel fully supportive uprights with Krystal Kote protection
  • Steel bottom tracks and plates
  • Steel interlocking top stabilizing bar

Publisher: Wilbar International


This elegantly designed and durable Meadows Reprieve 12' round swimming pool features a super strong steel wall that has been hot dip galvanized for protection. The neutral gray tone will add a touch of beauty to any backyard.

Liner Information:

This Bedrock pattern offers a look of glistening water while pebbles and seashells are at your feet.

The 100% virgin vinyl overlap liners are designed to fold over the top of your pool wall and do not require a bead receiver. They are held in place with coping strips.


  • 25 Gauge Bedrock Overlap liner
  • Widemouth Skimmer
  • Coping Strips for liner installation

Pool Information:

  • Pool Style: Meadows Reprieve
  • Pool Size: 12'
  • Pool Shape: Round
  • Wall Height: 52"
  • Estimated Gallons of Water: 3,000 - 4,500
  • Top Ledge Width: 6"
  • Number of Verticals: 11
  • Upright Width: 5 ¼"
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 10-Year Limited

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the pool come with coping strips? Yes
  • Is there a pre-drilled cutout in the wall to add a skimmer? Yes
  • Are there holes for the suction and discharge for the pump? Yes
  • Can this pool be sunk into the ground? This is not recommended and would void the manufacturer warranty

UPC: 648152959632

EAN: 0648152959632