XiYunHan swimming pool Thicken Large adult Paddling pool   family child swimming pool 39684CM Dish shape 3-5 people blue


Brand: XiYunHan


  • Easy to install without any auxiliary tools (filters, escalator components require a screwdriver)
  • The strength and toughness of the swimming pool is three times that of traditional materials. The outer two layers of PVC tape and web material are laminated to provide greater load carrying capacity and toughness.
  • The upper ring consists of an inflatable ring. As the water level rises, the pool automatically stops.
  • The swimming pool material is a polymer PVC material that resists the erosion of gasoline, oil, and salt water. It is wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, light-resistant, and has sufficient load-bearing capacity.
  • Swimming pool size: 396 (diameter) * 84 cm (height), storage capacity: 7290L, water depth up to 66 cm, water preparation time: 15 minutes, allowing 3-5 adults to play together or 6-8 children to play together

Publisher: XiYunHan

Details: Product Name:INTEX-28142-13'Disc Set
Product Specifications: 396×84cm
Package weight: 17kg
Storage capacity: 7290L, water depth up to 66cm
Water preparation time: 15 minutes
Standard accessories: pool, filter pump
Executive Standard: National Standard GB-6675, American ASTM F-963, European Union EN-71
Note that it is strictly forbidden for children to use the swimming pool alone. Adults must accompany the practical

EAN: 9394862989162